March 11, 2012

The Call of the King

The Way of the King Pt. 2

If we were able to be a fly on the wall during one of the church gatherings of the early Christians in the book of acts, we would probably be surprised how Jewish in nature these meetings were. As a westerner, almost 2000 years removed from the times of Christ, we often overlook, or flat-out misunderstand, some the Jewish nuances found in the Gospels. We must remember, Jesus was a Hebrew, a practicing Hebrew. His immediate followers/disciples were all Hebrew, most of the early church was of a Hebrew decent, and the greatest church-planting missionary ever, The Apostle Paul, was a Hebrew. When looking to understand the ways of Christ and how Christianity begun, we must look through a Hebraic lens. In this sermon, we considered the "Call of the Kingdom" and what being a disciple/follower of Jesus, a Hebrew rabbi, entailed for the early followers and what it entails for us.


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