Q+A's with Pastor Heath

Pastor Heath addresses questions concerning our church's stance toward LGBT Christians, homosexuality, spiritual formation, and unity.


Encountering Jesus Pt. 8

We are so prone to cast stones at others. Caitlin sheds some light on John 8:1-11 (Jesus + The Adulterous Woman) and challenges us to be a people of mercy rather than reckless judgement.

July 19, 2015

Jesus + The Centurion

Encountering Jesus Pt. 7

The recording quilaity on this recording isn't the best. We apologize for that. Nonethless, we hope Heath's message on the encounter with Jesus + The Centurion will encourage you as he sheds some light on that biblical encounter as well as homosexuality, gay marriage, and the entire LGBTQ issue.

July 12, 2015

Jesus + The Magi

Encountering Jesus Pt. 6

It's Christmas in July! Pastor Heath shares from Matthew chapter 2 - the story of Magi visiting the Christ child.

God often works outside of the box of our religious expectations. And experiencing Jesus is often a struggle due to his apparent elusiveness. So, in order to have real encounters with Jesus, and not something manufactured from going through the motions of religious exercise and/or moral conformity, we must be willing to persevere in our desire to encounter and experience Jesus.

We are often far too easily pleased with shallow religion and with the "safe" Jesus we have manufactured. Like the Magi, encountering the real Jesus requires commitment, thoughtfulness, community, and perseverance.


Encountering Jesus Pt. 5

Marcello shares from Matthew 17 and gives us some insight and application to the Disciples' encounter of Jesus' transfiguration on the mount.