October 27, 2013

Abe + Mel

GENESIS: The Promise Pt. 4

Pastor Heath teaches from Genesis chapter 14 and considers Melchizedek, "chosenness", the intrusion of Christ, and life on mission.

May we reject the faithless tendency to box God into our own narrow and comfortable understanding of the infinite ONE; and may we remain open and eager to know and experience the Gospel of Jesus the Christ in new ways.


GENESIS: The Blessing Pt. 3

Pastor Heath and Chuch tag-team preach Genesis chapter 15 as we continue in our series on Genesis 12-25.

October 13, 2013

The Promise + The Blessing

GENESIS: The Blessing Pt.2

Pastor Heath shares from Genesis chapter 13.

October 7, 2013

Conformity + Non-Conformity

Follow Me Pt. 5

Pastor Heath wraps up our September teaching series on discipleship.

October 6, 2013

The Call + The Journey

GENESIS: The Blessing Pt.1

Pastor Heath sheds some light on Abraham's origins and calling.