In a Genesis-chapter-three-kind-of-world, where things are not the way they should be, where God’s “good” world became undone, where suffering and instability are common, and where we often have more questions than answers, it is not always easy to see and know the love of God. But in the Gospel of Christ Jesus, we see that we are not forgotten. We see the God of the universe reaching down into our lives, into our world, into our pain, into our sin, and bringing His love, His healing, His forgiveness, and His shalom. Like Job, may we not only hear of this great God and His love, but may we also see and experience the great God of love working in our lives!

November 18, 2012

Join the Song

GENESIS: The Promise Pt. 7

Join us as Pastor Heath preaches the final message in our series convering the first 11 chapters of Genesis. Though the fall of humanity was great, the call of the Gospel is even greater. Though we were exiled out of Eden, our paradise, through Christ we are invited back into Paradise - back into the song of creation.


Pastor Heath briefly shares 7 things to keep in mind during the elections this year.

November 4, 2012

Love + Marriage

GENESIS: The Promise Pt. 5

Steve Lee argues for a biblical view of marriage, the pinnacle of human relationships.