August 26, 2012

On Earth as it is in Heaven

The Skill of Living Rightly pt. 13

In a Genesis 3 world, where sin and evil are rampant, may we, God’s blood bought, eternally redeemed people, fix our eyes on the coming renewal and restoration of all things. May we remember that we were made for “heavenly” endeavors and may our lives exude an “on earth as it is in heaven” reality.


Pastor Heath's reflection on the ONE who become "thirsty" (John 19:28) so that we could all drink from "the water of life" without cost (Revelation 21:8).

August 19, 2012

Into the Grey

The Skill of Living Rightly Pt. 12

In a world full of distracting allurements, fruitless joys, and deceptive schemes, may we ever look to the source of truth and all things right – Jesus Christ. May we learn to never break our inquiring gaze upon HIM. May we treasure HIM above all and, thus, may HIS desires and HIS kingdom’s cause become our own. May HIS love for us and calling placed upon us give us direction in navigating through life rightly; and may we learn to emulate Christ, exercising a decisive keenness even in life’s most difficult and perplexing situations.

August 18, 2012

Financial Peace University

It's time for financial peace in your life!

Join us for a special 9 week class, Financial Peace University, with Dave Ramsey. Our class begins on September 11th and will last for 9 weeks.

Contact Jeremy Perrin at for more information.

August 12, 2012


The Skill of Living Rightly Pt. 11

Made in the image of God (Gen. 1:26), we are, by nature, relational beings. But how are we using our relational capabilities - for ourselves or for the Kingdom of God?

The Gospel of Christ aims to forgive us of our relational mishandlings and to teach us a much better way.

August 5, 2012

Resourced for Shalom

The Skill of Living Rightly Pt. 10

We are well resourced people - money, opportunity, relationships, abilities, etc. Why? Why has God given us so much? To hoard? To keep it to ourselves? To solidly our own little broken kingdom? No. We have been called for and to much more! We have been blessed in order to bless others.